With A Snap Of A Finger The Red Sox Season Is In Flux.

With a snap of a finger, the Red Sox season outlook has drastically changed. The team now has to face the fact that the playoffs might not be in the cards for them. There is still a possibility that you get Paxton back, and he’s serviceable. But without Sale going deep in the postseason seems like a complete long shot.

Bloom and the Front Office now, during this All-Star break, need to decide if this team is buying or selling. As much as it breaks my heart, I think the team needs to sell. Teams who are in the run for the playoffs would benefit from having a JD Martinez or Eovaldi on their team. Both proved their playoff pedigree in 2018 and are still capable of doing so.

The larger question would be what to do with Xander Bogaerts. Carlos Correa will likely opt out from his Twins contract this year, in turn becoming the more prized commodity among SS(even though numerically, Xander has been better). Do the Red Sox get cute and deal Bogaerts to a team making a run and then sign him in the off-season? The Red Sox farm system is shallow. Their strongest players? Infielders. Particularly three shortstops. I think that might answer what Bloom might do.

Final Thoughts

Trade Eovaldi and JD.

Listen to Xander offers.


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Should the Red Sox begin trading pieces away?

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