Trevor Story: Disaster Signing In The Waiting

Photo by Michael Starghill/MLB Photos via Getty Images

On the surface the six years, 140 million contract that Trevor Story signed with the Boston Red Sox today is not awful. Around 23 million AAV is a fine. Personally, I have not seen anyone on Twitter talk about the season Story is coming off of. A line of .251/24/75 with a .801 OPS. Um, yeah that's fine but here's Xanders stat line last season. .295/23/79 with a .863 OPS with a Silver Slugger to boot. Story did get 20 SB I will give him that. So, what we just signed B plan if Xander leaves next year? Story and Xander are the same age, literally a month apart. Why did Bloom feel so inclined to go sign him? Was it the pressure from the fans? Being on Twitter the past few days it was evident that the Sox fans on Twitter were desperate for a signing. Two of the most prominent Sox analysts in my eyes on the site right now are Jared Carrabis and Will Middlebrooks. BOTH adamantly want Devers and Xander to be extended. Preferably now. And that is my biggest fear with this signing. If it stops the Red Sox from signing either of these guys than I view this deal as a disaster. Albeit if they win the World Series I will be happy, as a loyal fan I do not want to see Xander go for a guy who to me was signed because of fan pressure.

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