Trade Jeter Downs. Make A Run For The World Series.

I did put this blog into Grammarly to make sure it was not awful in case Will Middlebrooks reads it.

After watching the Red Sox split a series with the Minnesota Twins, my first thought was, "They have a chance". Bloom's new bullpen, which was the most significant hole last year, has been pretty solid. Led in large part by Garret Whitlock( more on him later), this pen gives me confidence when they come in the game.

All that being said. The Red Sox need to have a better rotation if they want to go deep into the playoffs(or make it at all). I am going to go with the assumption that Sale comes back healthy. Wacha has been superb, but he is a back-end starter at best. Eovaldi has been fine and will be a great #2/3 starter. Houck and Hill are acceptable at the back-end with Wacha, although Houck being unvaccinated will be an issue if other mandates come about.

So, what is this team to do? First, they need to decide what they want to do with Garret Whitlock. The contract they signed up left the door open to him being a starter or a reliever with incentives built-in. Cora and Bloom need to decide by June what they want to do with him. Personally, I want him to be the closer. He has shown that he can go multiple innings with no issue and has been dominant so far early in this year which might make them think starter. But, this team needs a stud closer that they can rely on for years to come. Let that be Whitlock. Go outside the franchise to get another starter.

Second, trade Jeter Downs and a few other prospects to get a starter like Castillo or Montas. Downs has been eh since coming from the Dodgers. He still has enough upside. Package him with Durran and maybe one or two other prospects, and I think you can get a solid starter to shove in the team. Even if it's Nick Yorke, I am OK with that. Get a guy who can help this team make a run.

What does this do for the future of the team? I have said many times on Twitter that this team needs to re-sign Bogaerts and Devers at all costs. It is important to remember that JD Martinez and his contract come off the books after this year. So do Eovaldi and Kike(if they don't sign them). Which they shouldn't. Verdugo is going to need to get paid as well, and he is a better foundation than either of those two. So, here's what I think the Sox need to do.

  1. Trade for another starter and make sure to throw Downs in the package. No need for him, Mayer will be up in a few years, and until then, Story and Bogaerts suffice. Castillo or Months will suffice.

  2. Make Whitlock the closer. Get him in the mindset of being in those high-stress situations. He can do it.

  3. Win the World Series.

  4. Let JD, Kike, Eovaldi walk.

  5. Re-Sign Devers and Bogaerts.

  6. Bring up Triston Casas if he is not already to replace JD. Throw him at first, throw him at DH. I don't care. He and Bobby can split. Throw Bobby in left, bring up Yorke, shift Bogaerts to 3B and Devers to 1B or DH. I DON'T CARE; JUST KEEP THEM.

  7. Win another World Series.

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