Top Starting Pitchers #50 - 41

#50 - Eduardo Rodriguez (LHP) Detroit Tigers

E-ROD!!!!!! I just love me some Eduardo Rodriguez. E-Rod has been one of my favorite pitchers for a few years now. Yes last year the returns weren’t exactly what was expected but a new home in Detroit may help course correct. Lots of innings, lots of strikeouts. With Rodriguez it's the WHIP that concerns me. Career WHIP sitting at 1.31 isn’t ideal for leagues where WHIP is a scoring category but I expect that number to get better this season. HAVE FAITH in E-ROD!

2021 Stats: W 13 / QS 9 / K 185 / ERA 4.74 / WHIP 1.39

2022 Projections: W 13 / QS 18 / K 218 / ERA 4.32 / WHIP 1.29

#49 - Justin Verlander (RHP) Houston Astros

Age is just a number. Understood that Verlander was injured all of 2021, he’s now 39 years old, blah..blah..blah. Outside of high caliber prospects I do not take many risks when it comes to drafting but Verlander will for sure be a risk I take this year. Is this even a risk? He won the Cy Young Award in 2019 and was filthy. This is a pitcher not named Ohtani who won an MVP award from ONLY pitching, are you kidding me? One of the best we have ever seen do it and I will gladly overdraft Verlander this year as he can be a league winner with his current ADP.

2021 Stats: W 0 / QS 0 / K 0 / ERA 0 / WHIP 0

2022 Projections: W 12 / QS 18 / K 192 / ERA 2.97 / WHIP 1.08

#48 - Michael Kopech (RHP) Chicago Whitesox

As an individual who resides in Chicago I hear nothing but about how good Kopech is/can be. I do not doubt him or his talent(s) but I question the workload and role Kopech will serve this year. Is he becoming an elite set-up man? Multi-inning reliever? Starter? No one knows for sure but I know his ratios are solid. Don’t love not knowing what I am getting while drafting Kopech. If you like Kopech I am not advising against drafting him. It just becomes tough to draft/gauge what stats you are expecting and this uncertainty is something to be aware of if you are planning to draft the services of Mr. Kopech.

2021 Stats: W 4 / QS 0 / K 103 / ERA 3.50 / WHIP 1.13

2022 Projections: W 7 / QS 12 / K 162 / ERA 3.61 / WHIP 1.18

#47 - Logan Gilbert (RHP) Seattle Mariners

The 24 year old is coming off a solid rookie season where he tossed 119 innings in which he averaged 9.7 K’s per 9. Yeah I’ll use a draft pick on the emerging star. Yes I know the WHIP / ERA could use some work but he is super young and if he figures it all out this year to live up to that top 40 overall prospect rank I want to be the buyer who bought low rather than overpay next year. Plus if you are in a keeper or dynasty league with draft pick taxes (still need to get my done this year) this is the type guy you snag as his ADP is currently 170 meaning he is going in rounds 14-17 depending on league sizes. Not a terrible asking price for a dude who just tossed 128 K’s during his first opportunity in the bigs.

2021 Stats: W 6 / QS 6 / K 128 / ERA 4.68 / WHIP 1.17

2022 Projections: W 11 / QS 14 / K 168 / ERA 4.32 / WHIP 1.16

#46 - Sean Manaea (LHP) Oakland Athletics

So as I am writing this article the A’s are looking to move Manaea and I get it. SELL HIGH. He had a great 2021 and looks to improve upon that. I don’t love the WHIP/ERA numbers but 194 K’s last year was good enough to land Manaea inside the top 25 pitchers in all of baseball with this statistical feat. The southpaw is a solid pitcher to get for your SP4/SP5 as the ERA/WHIP won’t kill you but won’t necessarily help either.

2021 Stats: W 11 / QS 15 / K 194 / ERA 3.91 / WHIP 1.23

2022 Projections: W 13 / QS 17 / K 167 / ERA 3.97 / WHIP 1.20

#45 - Marcus Stroman (RHP) Chicago Cubs

Stroman landed himself a nice deal this offseason for 3 years/71 mil. with the Cubs. I like the move as the Cubs are looking to improve their rotation. With big money comes big expectations…do I think Stroman will live up to this contract? - Yes. Stroman has now thrown north of 100+ innings in 5 of 7 seasons with a career sub 4.00 ERA. He will deliver consistency to this rotation and like him as a SP4/SP5 this year.

2021 Stats: W 10 / QS 16 / K 158 / ERA 3.02 / WHIP 1.15

2022 Projections: W 9 / QS 16 / K 142 / ERA 3.22 / WHIP 1.22

#44 - Chris Bassitt (RHP) New York Mets

Another pitcher on this list who finds himself in a new home for the 2022 season. Bassitt was part of the Oakland purge and will be looking to make a World Series run in the National League with the Mets. Bassitt career numbers are solid overall and he is starting to really shine, improving the WHIP very much the last few seasons. These improvements have led to Cy Young consideration, finishing top 10 in voting the past two seasons. Not the massive strikeout pitcher but you cannot go wrong with drafting Bassitt just do not overpay for him as he is now 33 and there is a TON of starting pitching to look at this season.

2021 Stats: W 12 / QS 16 / K 159 / ERA 3.15 / WHIP 1.06

2022 Projections: W 11 / QS 16 / K 151 / ERA 3.34 / WHIP 1.19

#43 - Luis Garica (RHP) Houston Astros

He’s 25, he’s really good, he’s on a contender, he recorded 155 innings last year and tossed 167 K’s while maintaining a sub 3.50 ERA. Yes I will be looking to draft Garcia early and often.

2021 Stats: W 11 / QS 9 / K 167 / ERA 3.30 / WHIP 1.17

2022 Projections: W 13 / QS 10 / K 182 / ERA 3.29 / WHIP 1.16

#42 - Clayton Kershaw (LHP) Los Angeles Dodgers

The 3x Cy Young Award winner is heading back to L.A. for his 15th season. At this point all I can say is if he’s healthy he is one of the best pitchers in baseball, if he’s not healthy that is a hell of a tax to pay to occupy an IR spot. Kershaw is my hero but I refuse to overdraft him this year. Just snagged him in a 12 man roto league with a tenth round pick that I co-manage with Dean. I feel confident in him to produce solid numbers if he’s out there, fingers crossed he stays on the mound!

2021 Stats: W 10 / QS 11 / K 144 / ERA 3.55 / WHIP 1.02

2022 Projections: W 10 / QS 12 / K 141 / ERA 3.48 / WHIP 1.05

#41 - Lance McCullers (RHP) Houston Astros

There is no timetable for return from flexor tendon strain. Draft at own risk as he might not pitch in 2022.

2021 Stats: W 13 / QS 15 / K 171 / ERA 3.16 / WHIP 1.22

2022 Projections: W 11 / QS 16 / K 207 / ERA 3.39 / WHIP 1.21

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