Top 100 Starting Pitchers #90-81

Updated: Mar 8

#90 - Elieser Hernandez (RHP) Miami Marlins

Miami is absolutely loaded with talented arms and there will be a grueling fight for all pitchers involved trying to earn a spot in the rotation. Problem here is Miami does not have a ton of bats and as a result won less than 70 games last year placing 4th in the N.L. East. If Miami signs some bats before the season FINALLY gets started, take a look at any of the starters in Miami because all of them seem to have electric stuff.

2021 Stats: W 1 / QS 0 / K 53 / ERA 4.18 / WHIP 1.32

2022 Projections: W 5 / QS 7 / ERA 4.24 / WHIP 1.27

#89 - Trevor Bauer (RHP) Los Angeles Dodgers

We could write all day about Bauer's situation. Since this is a purely baseball analysis on Bauer's fantasy impact for the 2022 season we went forward with projecting him to miss some time as his status with the Dodgers and MLB is still in flux. If Bauer does end up pitching some innings this year it is hard not to see some regression coming his way.

2021 Stats: W 8 / QS 14 / K 137 / ERA 2.59 / WHIP 1.00

2022 Projections: W 7/ QS 10 / K 139 / ERA 3.39 / WHIP 1.15

#88 - Tony Gonsolin (RHP) Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers could surely use another healthy starter in their rotation. Over 140 innings pitched in the last three years, Gonsolin finds himself with solid numbers (2.85 ERA /1.09 WHIP / 148 K). The key word here is "healthy", Gonsolin has very good stuff but had miserable luck in 2021 when it comes to injuries. He hit the IL twice both relating to shoulder issues. It looks as if Gonsolin will start the season with a relatively clean bill of health. My suggestion is to invest a late round draft pick on Gonsolin given the underlying stats and the fact he will get run support to earn some extra wins.

2021 Stats: W 4 / QS 0 / K 65 / ERA 3.23 / WHIP 1.35

2022 Projections: W 8 / QS 7 / K 108 / ERA 2.94 / WHIP 1.17

#87 - Adbert Alzolay (RHP) Chicago Cubs

There is a lot to be excited about here with Alzolay. First and foremost he is heading into his prime years and has a very high pitching pedigree including a nearly unhittable slider. Just following news around the Cubs you’ll see they aren’t going to rebuild but look to compete after shedding Rizzo, Bryant, Baez and Kimbrel last season. With the signing of Stroman, rumors around Correa or a Rizzo reunion you can see where the front office is at in terms of looking to remain competitive. There were even rumors surrounding ace Tyler Glasnow at one point on potentially being shipped to Chicago from Tampa which is a win now not win later move. If Chicago is going to be a contender in the N.L. Central, Alzolay will need to be a big part of that and I see him starting to mature with his arsenal of pitches. If he can complement the slider with a decent 2nd or 3rd option he will be a coveted starter for fantasy owners. Side note to monitor the bullpen status with Chicago with Alzolay as there have been talks with him having some work out of the pen as well.

2021 Stats: W 5 / QS 6 / K 128 / ERA 4.58 / WHIP 1.16

2022 Projections: W 6 / QS 7 / K 132 / ERA 4.41 / WHIP 1.20

#86 - Tyler Glasnow (RHP) Tampa Bay Rays

Glasnow is a stud but is recovering from Tommy John surgery….our favorite (that is a joke of course). Including Glasnow on here for keeper/dynasty league purposes but do not expect much if anything from Glasnow off the mound this year. Even if he is healthy enough to do some relief work for Tampa later in the year I’d stay away unless there is value in drafting Glasnow with a late pick, rostering on IL and paying a cheap price to own him for next year.

2021 Stats: W 5 / QS 9 / K 123 / ERA 2.66 / WHIP 0.93

2022 Projections: W 0 / QS 0 / K 11 / ERA 2.89 / WHIP 1.04

#85 - Zach Plesac (RHP) Cleveland Guardians

I think all fantasy owners out there who invested in Plesac last season were what we can say “disappointed”. Coming off a fantastic 2020, Plesac was seen as a “must-have” in drafts last year and is now someone we just want to return to form. On a positive note Plesac is at a prime age and someone I will look at late in drafts to round out my rotation. Cleveland has a talent in getting the most out of their pitchers and I could see Plesac stepping in the right direction with course correcting and improving the underlying numbers.

2021 Stats: W 10 / QS 9 / K 100 / ERA 4.67 / WHIP 1.20

2022 Projections: W 12 / QS 13 / K 117 / ERA 4.03 / WHIP 1.16

#84 - Taijuan Walker (RHP) New York Mets

Walker will provide you with an above average ERA and a very solid SO/9 ratio. Depending on the health of Jacob deGrom/Carlos Carrasco and performance of Tylor Megill/David Peterson, Walker will find himself somewhere between the 3-6 in the Mets rotation. The Mets should provide very solid run support for any of their pitchers in 2022 so that is always a positive.

2021 Stats: W 7 / QS 10 / K 146 / ERA 4.47 / WHIP 1.18

2022 Projections: W 8 / QS 10 / K 138 / ERA 4.23 / WHIP 1.19

#83 - Sixto Sanchez (RHP) Miami Marlins

Sixto is considered one of the best young talents in the game but is coming off a shoulder injury. If he can return by June and stay healthy he can be a league winner for those willing to invest in a late round flier. Only other cause for concern on my end is the organization. Miami has a ton of young arms to unleash but with news of a mutual break up with now former CEO Derek Jeter it seems the Marlins might not be looking to be competitive this year. The Marlins lineup isn’t necessarily considered “stellar” and I worry about the run support for all of the pitchers in the stable of endless talented arms for Miami.

2021 Stats: W 0 / QS 0 / K 0 / ERA 0 / WHIP 0

2022 Projections: W 5 / QS 10 / K 91 / ERA 3.37 / WHIP 1.19

#82 - Carlos Carrasco (RHP) New York Mets

Carrasco owns a career sub 4.00 ERA and will be pitching for a contender where it costs you nothing to enjoy his services. I am very interested in Carrasco in late rounds and will bet he exceeds the expectations for a pick that is being valued at a 350 ADP.

2021 Stats: W 1 / QS 2 / K 50 / ERA 6.04 / WHIP 1.43

2022 Projections: W 6 / QS 8 / K 98 / ERA 4.17 / WHIP 1.31

#81 - Zach Greinke (RHP) Free Agent

Age is just a number. Soon we will be having talks about his entry into Cooperstown but for now we will look for a bounce back. Greinke will provide solid numbers and is reliable to pitch in a lot of innings no matter where that will be in 2022.

2021 Stats: W 11 / QS 15 / K 120 / ERA 4.16 / WHIP 1.17

2022 Projections: W 11 / QS 15 / K 137 / ERA 3.94 / WHIP 1.16

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