Top 100 Starting Pitchers #80-71

Updated: Mar 8

#80 - Cal Quantrill (RHP) Cleveland Guardians

Love Quantrill and what he brings to the table. I know I’ll mention it a bunch but Cleveland does have a special talent for development when it comes to pitching. Not afraid to admit I am higher on Quantrill due to the organization surrounding him. With that being the case a note to remember is the organization seems to have done little to improve the lineup for 2022. This is something to keep an eye for leagues where Wins are a scoring category.

2021 Stats: W 8 / QS 12 / K 121 / ERA 2.89 / WHIP 1.18

2022 Projections: W 9 / QS 14 / K 131 / ERA 3.48 / WHIP 1.19

#79 - Jameson Taillon (RHP) New York Yankees

Taillon was able to make 29 starts last year and during that time pitched over 140 innings averaging 8.7 K’s per 9 IP. Given health, volume and playing on a contender Taillon becomes another solid option to start rounding out your rotation. Also owns a 3.82 career ERA which means you will be getting decent production in Wins, ERA and K’s with a very low cost draft pick.

2021 Stats: W 8 / QS 8 / K 140 / ERA 4.30 / WHIP 1.21

2022 Projections: W 9 / QS 10 / K 134 / ERA 3.96 / WHIP 1.19

#78 - Luis Patino (RHP) Tampa Bay Rays

Patino is another dude who was involved in a trade where the Rays might have burned their trade partner. The Rays sent Blake Snell packing in exchange for Patino and several other prospects in an effort to cut costs back in late 2020. Patino at the time was seen as a top 25 prospect in baseball by multiple outlets. With Tampa being Tampa, I’d like some shares of Patino this season. There are a ton of innings to be thrown by the young rotation and I believe Patino will slot in the middle of that rotation. Patino will be a lucrative source of strikeouts where again the price tag is next to nothing.

2021 Stats: W 5 / QS 2 / K 74 / ERA 4.31 / WHIP 1.27

2022 Projections: W 7 / QS 8 / K 114 / ERA 4.13 / WHIP 1.27

#77 - Dustin May (RHP) Los Angeles Dodgers

As previously mentioned with Tony Gonsolin the Dodgers could use arms. Before undergoing Tommy John surgery last year Dustin May was showing elite stuff. Only real cause for concern is the injury, I have no doubt about his pitching ability. The only good thing about the lockout is the time being provided for injured players to rehabilitate while not missing games. Do not count on May to return until All-Star break!

2021 Stats: W 1 / QS 2 / K 35 / ERA 2.74 / WHIP 0.96

2022 Projections: W 6 / QS 6 / K 81 / ERA 3.21 / WHIP 1.13

#76 - Aaron Ashby (LHP) Milwaukee Brewers

The southpaw is looking to make an emergence in Milwaukee this season. He dished out over 30 innings of solid relief in 2021 as a 23 year old. The trick here is Ashby can be used as an effective starter or reliever. I lean to think Milwaukee will want to see what it has in Ashby as a starter to begin 2022 considering they already have elite options of Williams and Hader out of the pen. Definitely will be used in multi-inning relief situations and something to factor into the equation but Milwaukee seems to also have a niche in producing electric arms no matter where they are slotted. Solid ratios across the board and I am a buyer of Ashby heading into the 2022 season.

2021 Stats: W 3 / QS 0 / K 39 / ERA 4.55 / WHIP 1.17

2022 Projections: W 5 / QS 5 / K 71 / ERA 3.98 / WHIP 1.16

#75 - Jon Gray (RHP) Texas Rangers

No more Coors Field for Mr. Gray! The 30 year old has found a new home in Texas where the Rangers are spending money like it is going out of style. With a pitcher friendly park to call home and an improved lineup I like the situation for Gray in 2022. Gray has thrown over 110 innings in 5 of the last 6 seasons and the one he did not…Covid season. You can expect a ton of innings pitched and strikeouts with drafting Gray.

2021 Stats: W 8 / QS 11 / K 157 / ERA 4.59 / WHIP 1.33

2022 Projections: W 10 / QS 13 / K 177 / ERA 4.48 / WHIP 1.32

#74 - Kyle Hendricks (RHP) Chicago Cubs

Hendricks is as consistent as they come. I don’t care for last year's numbers as I almost never buy into recency bias. Don’t sleep on the value you acquire when drafting Hendricks services. Needs to find his command again but do not see that being an issue.

2021 Stats: W 14 / QS 19 / K 131 / ERA 4.77 / WHIP 1.35

2022 Projections: W 15 / QS 19 / K 144 / ERA 3.49 / WHIP 1.22

#73 - Steven Matz (LHP) St. Louis Cardinals

Matz finds himself in a new home backed by an ALL-TIME defense consisting of 5 Gold Glove Award winners from 2021. Only 30 years old and playing on a contender, Matz should be of value to any fantasy manager. I would expect a minimum of 130 innings pitched and solid ratios. Could hurt you in the WHIP department but if you can afford to splurge, Matz will not disappoint with solid contributions in the Wins, Quality Starts and K’s categories.

2021 Stats: W 14 / QS 9 / K 157 / ERA 3.82 / WHIP 1.33

2022 Projections: W 12 / QS 14 / K 157 / ERA 4.12 / WHIP 1.28

#72 - Jesus Luzardo (LHP) Miami Marlins

What can I say? Luzardo is the definition of “high risk, high reward” except I’d no longer say he is a “high risk” considering he is coming off the board with an ADP of 263. I’d take a shot on Luzardo if I see my rotation needs help in the strikeout department at the end of drafts but I wouldn’t expect a massive jump in performance from the southpaw. Luzardo is still only 25 and was considered one of the best pitching prospects in baseball when coming up in the minors. Miami has a way with pitching so who knows….maybe a valuable sleeper?

2021 Stats: W 6 / QS 2 / K 98 / ERA 6.61 / WHIP 1.62

2022 Projections: W 7 / QS 9 / K 115 / ERA 4.93 / WHIP 1.35

#71 - Joe Ryan (RHP) Minnesota Twins

The Twins sure could use some decent starting pitching and I'm betting on Ryan to do just that. Doesn’t turn 26 until June and has already thrown for some quality innings in the bigs. Spots in the Minnesota rotation are wide open and Ryan will for sure be one of the starters. I think Ryan will emerge as one of the top pitchers for the Twins future this season.

2021 Stats: W 2 / QS 1 / K 30 / ERA 4.05 / WHIP 0.79

2022 Projections: W 6 / QS 9 / K 92 / ERA 3.88 / WHIP 1.13

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