Top 100 Hitters: #100-91

Updated: Mar 8

#100- Gleyber Torres (2B/SS) New York Yankees

Obviously owners of Gleyber Torres sat around last year waiting for some part of 2019 Gleyber to re-appear. Sadly(unless you are me who traded him away for Devers) fantasy owners were left with an abysmal stat line. If there is a slight glimmer of hope it is that his second half was better(finger quotations inserted) than the first half. The Yankees potentially moving him to 2B in my opinion does nothing to help his hitting. What he has going for him is that he is 25 years old, on a solid team, in a hitters ballpark. The bar compared to last year is so low that the predictions below, although not great, reflect an improvement that should be expected of a player with his potential.

2021 Stats: AVG .259/ HR 9/ RBIs 51/ OPS .697

2022 Prediction: AVG .265/ HR 19/ RBIs 72/ OPS .740

#99- Ty France (IF) Seattle Mariners

Don't remember hearing much about Ty France last year? Me either. The Mariners will be sticking with France at 1B to start off the season. He can be, and most likely will be, viewed as a utility infielder. Depending on your fantasy website you can expect him to have eligibility at multiple positions. That automatically gives Ty some extra value. He cracks the top 100 as a result of this. However, the Mariners(America's new sweetheart team according to Jarred Carrabis) has depth and youth across the board. France is a 27 year old unproven(2020 Covid year, 2021 mixed bag) player who will need to stay consistent throughout the season to stay on the roster.

2021 Stats: AVG .291/ HR 18/ RBIs 73/ OPS .813

2022 Prediction: AVG .264/ HR 16/ RBIs 69/ OPS .767

#98- Dylan Carlson (OF) St. Louis Cardinals

As you will begin to daily tell I love YOUTH and SPEED. Carlson has youth but he ain't got the speed I am looking for. He has upside and being a switch-hitter all but ensures that he can be in the lineup everyday if he's playing descent enough. He also will be on a team with some great hitting potential.

2021 Stats: AVG .266/ HR 18/ RBIs 65/ OPS .780

2022 Prediction: AVG. 260/ HR 20/ RBIs 70/ OPS .790

#97- Jarred Kelenic(OF) Seattle Mariners

After tearing up the minor leagues Kelenic came in as one of the top prospects in the league. He went on to bat an abysmal .181 BA with a .615 OPS. Some websites that I will not name have him projected to have almost the exact same stats as last season. Kelenic has a bit more of what I love than Carlson had and that is YOUTH and SPEED. Kelenic does not have A+ speed but he will get you some steals. Couple that with solid power and he is a worthwhile player to have on your squad. Having Kelenic on your team also depends on what your league rules are. If you are a rotisserie dynasty league you snag this guy and he sits on your bench. The upside is there. If you are in a head to head league with no keepers he might not be worth the spot on your roster. He is still considered one of the top prospects in the league, and paired with Julio Rodriquez, could be part of a stellar outfield. Sadly, the jury is still out on him.

2021 Stats: AVG .181/ HR 14/ RBIs 43/ OPS .615

2022 Prediction: AVG. 230/ HR 23/ RBIs 72/ OPS .740

#96- Michael Brantley(OF) Houston Astros

The first elder-statesman of this list Brantley is coming off an okay year. Not great but by no means awful. From a fantasy point of view however it once again depends on what your league looks like. Brantley is not going to get you home runs or stolen bases. He won't get you many RBIs either. What he will do however is give you a career .300/.440/.795 state line which will balance out your youthful players who are all home runs and no average. I believe this season will be more of the same in that department.

2021 Stats: AVG .311/ HR 8/ RBIs 47/ OPS .799

2022 Prediction: AVG. 306/ HR 7/ RBIs 43/ OPS .784

#95- Hunter Renfroe(OF) Milwaukee Brewers

Bittersweet seeing Renfroe get traded from the Sox over to the Brewers. As a Red Sox fan I have a soft spot for Jackie Bradley Jr and his diving plays in the outfield. However, Bradley has never brought a bat to the lineup for Boston and Renfroe was able to do that this past season. His 2021 stat line will be difficult to match but he's a solid utility/OF. It was a career year for Renfroe and I believe that with the Brewers he will revert back to the numbers he had with the Padres. Still hitting homers but not as great of an average.

2021 Stats: AVG .259/ HR 31/ RBIs 96/ OPS .816

2022 Prediction: AVG .240/HR 27/ RBIs 83/ OPS .800

#94- Willy Adamaes(SS) Milwaukee Brewers

There was a lot of excitement last year after Adamaes moved from Tampa to Milwaukee. He probably need it after a rough, albeit, Covid year. His career has been up and down in terms of power alternating years from having over 20 home runs to below 10. His average has stayed mostly consistent across that time(with the exception of 2020). I think the addition of Renfroe helps Adamaes somewhat buck this trend.

2021 Stats: AVG .285/ HR 20/ RBIs 58/ OPS .886

2022 Prediction: AVG. 278/ HR 17/ RBIs 66/ OPS .850

#93- Austin Hays

Like a lot of the players in this initial first ten, Hays is a middle of the road outfielder who you can feel comfortable enough plugging in to your lineup if a guy has an off day. He won't be a starter and he won't win you a league. He's the type of guy you plug in and hope at a hitter friendly ball park that he sneaks a homer.

2021 Stats: AVG .251/ HR 22/ RBIs 71/ OPS .769

2022 Prediction: AVG. .255/ HR 20/ RBIs 65/ OPS .765

#92- Alex Verdugo (OF) Boston Red Sox

At times last year Verdugo began to become the face of the Red Sox. A combination of factors led to that. Charisma, fielding presence, and the excitement he brought to the locker room helped in cultivate that persona. Having Bogaerts and Devers in ways also led to this. They are more reserved behind the scenes leaders. Bogaerts being the most senior member of the team at this point and Devers being the best but overall quiet. Dodgers at this point can say they won that trade. However, Red Sox have to be pleased enough with the results. Verdugo showing desire to be a two-way player will not effect his stat line this season. However, it is something to keep an eye on. How much time will he put into that endeavor? Will it effect his hitting? Time will tell. He is 25 and coming off a good year. He would be ranked higher if there wasn't slight worry in the back of my head of him wanting to actually pursue pitching.

2021 Stats: AVG .289/ HR 13/ RBIs 63/ OPS .777

2022 Prediction: AVG. 294/ HR 18/ RBIs 70/ OPS. 800

#91- Adolis Garcia(OF) Texas Rangers

Going into his second full season Garcia will be 29 years old. Here at The Skipper's View we primarily focus on dynasty leagues. Garcia is not a guy you are looking at as a key part of your team. If you had him last year(probably from a late round or waiver pick up) you got a guy who you gave you great power with an average that could be balanced out with a player like Brantley. I think the bigger concern than him being 29 years old is that he is just so unproven. His OPS does not instill confidence either. We don't know if he can replicate 30 home runs again. If he goes below that is there really value with him with where is average is. I am being generous in my predictions. Deep down I look at this and believe that even with the additions the Rangers have made he will regress.

2021 Stats: AVG .243/ HR 31/ RBIs 90/ OPS .741

2022 Prediction: AVG .230/ HR 23/ RBIs 73/ OPS. 700

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