Top 100 Hitters Rankings #60-51

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#60 DJ Lemahieu(IF) New York Yankees

Old. On the Yankees. Will play over 145 because they need him too and I don't think Donaldson will thrive in New York. Better season than last year but nothing like 2019.

2021 Stats: AVG .268/ HR 10/ RBIs 57/ OPS .711

2022 Prediction: AVG. 283/ HR 13/ RBIs 63/ OPS .750

#59 Anthony Rendon(3B) Los Angeles Angels

Another situation where I probably should have moved a player back given that its my own rankings. I try and do the "average" from other websites and shift slightly where I see fit. I would probably have had Rendon in my ranking last week. The injuries last year really killed him. He is calming that is health is "night and day" but that remains to be seen. Obviously, there is a some appeal if Rendon, Trout, and Ohtani all stay healthy.

2021 Stats: AVG .240/ HR 6/ RBIs 34/ OPS .712

2022 Prediction: AVG. 275/ HR 16/ RBIs 60/ OPS .836

#58 Jesse Winker(OF) Seattle Mariners

Career year for Winker even while only playing 110 games this season. oh wow Winker got traded while I was working on this. Okay. Breathe.... I don't think this will throw off Winker's ranking here at 60. IF anything it changes my thoughts on Haniger, Kelenic, and Rodriquez. It kind of cements my idea that Haniger will get traded. Seattle is going to be good and it remains to be seen who else they might try and get. I am going to move my predictions a little higher now that this news has come in.

2021 Stats: AVG .305/ HR 24/ RBIs 71/ OPS .949

2022 Prediction: AVG .298/ HR 28/ RBIs 82/ OPS .980

#57 Bryan Reynolds(OF) Pittsburg Pirates

YOUTH but no speed(at least in terms of speed), and on a team that is not really too great. Reynolds wants to stay with the Pirates, but he denied a extension from the Pirates last year. He will most definitely be a hot topic when trades start to heat up in July.

2021 Stats: AVG .302/ HR 24/ RBIs 90/ OPS .912

2022 Prediction: AVG .290/ HR 23/ RBIs 83/ OPS .890

#56 Jorge Polanco(IF) Minnesota Twins

Started off 2021 very bad. Hit around .200. Played solid rest of year and finished the last month and a half with 18 home runs. Correa coming to the Twins will help him. I think he is good for 20 home runs and double digit steals. He will bat third or clean up and is a great pick for your team.

2021 Stats: AVG .269/ HR 33/ RBIs 98/ OPS .826

2022 Prediction: AVG .275/ HR 24/ RBIs 85/ OPS .811

#55 Ketel Marte(IF/OF) Arizona Diamondbacks

MLB Network ranked Marte the number one 2B in the league. Um. I guess? I still don't know how copyright works so I won't put the screenshot in. But it has Ozzie Albies at number 8. Right away. You should know that these rankings are garbage. Marte is a + Fielder who will hit .300 for you. There's already rumors of Marte being traded with the Diamondbacks being one of the top 5 worst teams on the league. If Marte does get traded I will up my prediction.

2021 Stats: AVG .318/ HR 14/ RBIs 50/ OPS .909

2022 Prediction: AVG .300/ HR 12/ RBIs 48/ OPS .880

#54 Jonathan India(2B) Cincinatti Reds

Reds are in re-build and you would imagine India is one of the cornerstones they want to build around. Coming of a Rookie of the Year Performance many analysts have dipped his projections. Fair. But, in a roto league he will hit all the categories. Should get double digit steals, +15 HRs, an OPS over .800 and an AVG that won't drag down your team. If you are in a keeper league I imagine he is already on someones team. If not, he's my personal pick for 2B outside of Ozzie Albies.

2021 Stats: AVG .269/ HR 21/ RBIs 69/ OPS .835

2022 Prediction: AVG .256/ HR 18/ RBIs 60/ OPS .811/ SB 11

#53 Ryan Mountcastle(1B/OF) Baltimore Orioles

Ugh, get this guy off the Orioles. Just coming out that he will be primarily at 1B. That should effect his rankings for most. We have already shown a good amount of 1B who will get you good production. Mountcastle having multiple position eligibility was a + for him. He will still hit for power but be wary of the team he is on. Never love seeing 33 home runs and less than .800 OPS.

2021 Stats: AVG .255/ HR 33/ RBIs 89/ OPS .796

2022 Prediction: AVG .253/ HR 28/ RBIs 82/ OPS .780

#52 Brandon Lowe(2B/OF) Tampa Bay Rays

I think coming off Mouncastle this is a great example of someone who is going to benefit greatly from having multiple eligibility. He's also on a better team, more experience, and will hopefully grab a few more steals. He went very early in our Fantrax league that doesn't have AVG as a category. No surprise there. He wouldn't be my 2B. I would slot him in the OF. Hopefully the Rays don't deal him.

2021 Stats: AVG .247/ HR 39/ RBIs 99/ OPS .863

2022 Prediction: AVG .242/ HR 36/ RBIs 90/ OPS .820

#51 Christian Yelich(OF) Milwaukee Brewers

In contention for Comeback Player of the Year with Bellinger. Which is a product of having two awful seasons. Again, he's a player I would drop back based on the risk but the upside is more than anyone in this group here. Yelich should worry less about power and work on getting the ball in play. I don't think his rebound will be as profound as Bellinger(Dodgers are sick), but he will play fine.

2021 Stats: AVG .248/ HR 9/ RBIs 51/ OPS .736

2022 Prediction: AVG .276/ HR 16/ RBIs 65/ OPS .800

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