Top 100 Hitters: #90-81

Updated: Mar 8

#90- Chris Taylor(OF) Los Angeles Dodgers

There was a nice mix of young guys who have potential in my previous post, but there is a risk of taking them too early in your draft. These next ten, except for one, are guys who will almost certainly be holding a spot on your bench. Chris Taylor is a perfect example. He's on a good team, will not drag down your team AVG too much, steady OPS, and will hit a few homers for you if you plug him in. However, that's all Taylor should be for you. You got a star out for rest; you plug Taylor in. That is a common theme as I wrote this set of rankings. I wouldn't hate having Veteran guys on my bench, but I would in no way start.

2021 Stats: AVG .254/ HR 20/ RBIs 73/ OPS .782

2022 Prediction: AVG. 260/ HR 17/ RBIs 68/ OPS .770

#89 Avisail Garcia(OF) Miami Marlins

Garcia is just another very basic OF who won't be a starter on anyone's team. If one of your top guys gets an off day and you need to plug someone in, then yeah, Garcia is solid to keep on your bench. He's 31, has never been a star, will never be a star, and isn't on a team with a superb lineup. With one of your last picks, you can snag and then maybe drop him after for some young prospect.

2021 Stats: AVG .262/ HR 29/ RBIs 86/ OPS .820

2022 Prediction: AVG. 255/ HR 25/ RBIs 70/ OPS .790

#88 Justin Turner(3B) Los Angeles Dodgers

From 2015 to present, Turner has been playing at a very consistent utility-type player for fantasy purposes. He's on a good team that will once again be making a run for a championship. If you are looking for stability, you can feel comfortable having Turner on your team.

2021 Stats: AVG .278/ HR 27/ RBIs 87/ OPS .832

2022 Prediction: AVG. 270/ HR 24/ RBIs 75/ OPS .810

#87 Joey Votto(1B) Cincinatti Reds

I would love to say that Joey Votto will come back out this year and have another resurgent year. However, he is going to be 38 years old. Last season he hit for the second most HRs of his career and had the fourth most RBIs. Really cool if you picked him up off waivers, but it just is so unlikely that it will happen again. He is a bench/plug-in utility guy for me this season. He gets a slight bump for being a veteran and may be benefiting from pitchers not getting a full offseason.

2021 Stats: AVG. 266/ HR 36/ RBIs 99/ OPS .938

2022 Prediction: AVG .250/ HR 20/ RBIs 68/ OPS .788

#86 Michael Conforto(OF) New York Mets

Mets fans have a yearly salivating over Michael Conforto. Since he came up in the summer of 2015, they have wanted him to be the face of the franchise. The problem is he doesn't have the charisma or consistent talent to be that. Coming off his "stellar" COVID season, hopes were high for Michael. He was drafted relatively high in regular leagues, while in dynasty leagues, he was held by many. His season ended up being a bus, however with his COVID numbers being significantly better. There is once again hype with the Mets being looked at as a competitive team(I heard that before), but I do not think you get anything like 2019 or 2020 Conforto. You get a middle of the road guy who you can plug-in. Maybe if there is a lockout, he will benefit from the pitchers not having a true offseason.

2021 Stats: AVG. .232/ HR 14/ RBIs 55/ OPS .729

2022 Prediction: AVG. .240/ HR 18/ RBIs 66/ OPS. 750

#85 Kyle Schwarber(OF) Free Agent at time of writing

Big asterisk on this ranking because at the time of posting, we still do not know where Schwarber will play. Unfortunately, for me, as a fan, it does not look as if he will be playing with the Red Sox again. And that sucks because when you look at his season split with Boston, he really did play well. His AVG/OBP/OPS were all up in a big way while his slugging and HR were down. In terms of fantasy, it is really tough to say what he will end up being. Historically based on his previous seasons, he goes back to being an HR guy while will bat in the mid to low .200s. I think that, coupled with the fact that he does not have a team, really hurts his projections. If he was signed with someone pre-lockout, he would be in the 70s. Right now, I have to keep him at 85. He is still young(28), so maybe this limbo won't hurt him too much, but I am skeptical.

2021 Stats: AVG .266/ HR 32/ RBIs 71/ OPS. 928

2022 Prediction: AVG. 251/ HR 23/ RBIs 60/ OPS .810

#84 Anthony Rizzo(1B) Free Agent at time of writing

Another big asterisk here for a player that is still not with a team. After finishing the season with the Yankees, Rizzo did not sign with a team prior to the lockout. He has more upside than Schwarber, which is why he sits one level above him. However, like Schwarber, this lockout will really hurt his overall fantasy rankings. His 2021 season was very bland. His splits were almost identical(although slightly down) from the Cubs to the Yankees. There were high hopes that as a lefty, he would thrive at Yankee stadium and be the piece they needed, but it never materialized. He's missed games and just wasn't the player he once was. COVID year being the worst season of his career, he still has not recovered. Right now, there are two teams that are rumored to make a move for Rizzo if and when the season resumes. First, the Cubs are rumored to sign him to a one-year contract as a short-term solution. I suppose this would make the most sense for him as it will be an easy transition with such a weird off-season. If he did that, I would maybe consider putting him a little higher. Second, the Red Sox have been rumored to want to bring him in. This is not a surprise as he was rumored to go to them before they ended up settling on Schwarber while the Yankees took Rizzo. As a Sox fan, this doesn't excite me too much. Yeah, he's a Gold Glove 1B, and we have needed a consistent player at the position but it's not a sexy signing at all. As a fantasy ranker, I think the Red Sox would be fine for Rizzo, but it wouldn't affect where I rank him in the end.

2021 Stats: AVG .248/ HR 22/ RBIs 61/ OPS . 783

2022 Prediction: AVG .250/ HR 20/ RBIs 54/ OPS .770

#83 Trey Mancini(1B/OF) Baltimore Orioles

Take Mancini and put him on any other team, and he is in the top 75 for my rankings. Being on the Orioles really hurts him. Coming back from cancer, he had a very solid year. He didn't match his numbers from before his illness, but no one expected him to. I have him getting a little closer to those previous numbers, and he is someone I would be comfortable with being my extra OF or Utility guy.

2021 Stats: AVG .255/ HR 21/ RBIs 71/ OPS .758

2022 Prediction: AVG. 265/ HR 23/ RBIs 70/ OPS .780

# 82 Joey Gallo(OF) New York Yankees

I am going to say this outright. Joey Gallo does not have a place on my team. We are in a league where the average is a category, and I refuse to have someone that gives me below the Mendoza line. I will find a player that will get me some homers. Even is OPS is underwhelming because of his average. I don't have much else to say about this other than if you are in a league where AVG is not a category then sure go take him. Any other format, just stay away.

2021 Stats: AVG .199/ HR 38/ RBIs 77/ OPS .808

2022 Prediction: AVG. 205/ HR 35/ RBIs 70/ OPS .800

#81 Bobby Witt Jr(SS) Kansas City Royals

SPEED AND YOUTH. The two things I love and Witt has both. Brett thinks Witt Jr will be playing on opening day. Like all these rankings, the lockout will play a role in that. Reports are saying that he will be given that chance to make the roster. However, if there is no spring training, I believe they send him down to get some time in the minors before bringing him up. If he is not already taken in your dynasty league(dependent on the number of keepers), you need to snatch him up early in the draft. If you are in a regular head-to-head format, you can wait on him.

2021 Stats: N/A

2022 Prediction: AVG. 265/ HR 16/ RBIs 60/ OPS . 740

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