Top 100 Hitters #80-71

I am going to start this off by saying that I will not be checking my Grammar. Deal with it Brett.

#80- Dansby Swanson(SS) Atlanta Braves

Swanson being at shortstop might help is value in some peoples eyes. I am still mixed on it and wouldn't take the risk. Last season was great, his 2020 season also was good but COVID year, in terms of the power department. He also began to bring his average to a level where it isn't dragging down your team in a major way. Unfortunately, my gut tells me to stay away from Swanson and not to view him as a SS you can get at a discount value.

2021 Stats: AVG .248/ HR 27/ RBIs 88/ OPS .760

2022 Prediction: AVG . 244/ HR 20/ RBIs 74/ OPS .755

#79- Lourdes Gurriel JR (IF/OF) Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto having a stud lineup is going to help Gurriel immensely this season. He is good for .280/20/80. Right now on Yahoo is is 1B/OF eligible which I actually am a fan of. He gives you a solid AVG which you typically won't find at 1B. So, depending on how your OF looks in terms of power and AVG I wouldn't hate putting Gurriel at first. He gives you a little less in terms of power than say Josh Bell(look below) but makes up with that in average at a position that clearly lacks it.

2021 Stats: AVG .276/ HR 21/ RBIs 84/ OPS .785

2022 Prediction: AVG .280/ HR 20/ RBI 82/ OPS .800

#78- Josh Bell (1B) Pittsburgh Pirates

Bell is on the long list of 1B only players that hit HRs. He broke out in 2019 and then faded as the season progressed. I traded him that year while he was hot(other owner thought Bell would be a keeper). Bell is a guy who will end up on the waiver wire at some point in your season. He just isn't super valuable with his age and position. Numbers are fine but you can get them with someone else and then have a young and rising star take up the bench spot.

2021 Stats: AVG .261/ HR 27/ RBIs 88/ OPS .823

2022 Prediction: AVG .255/ HR 25/ RBIs 80/ OPS .800

#77- Yoan Moncada

Ugh what could have been. Moncada was the next star in Boston. Coming up in the minors I followed him like a stalker. When he got traded I was heart broken. I went on my burner Twitter account and went after every Sox executive I could find. Clearly, getting Sale helped them in 2018. I am not debating that. However, it is upsetting to think what could have been if he was on a great team during his early years. The White Sox now are an up and coming squad. So, it is cool to see him enter the "prime" years of his career with a team that could be a contender. Before COVID hit he put up a season that gave fantasy owners a lot of hope. In many leagues, including my own, he became a keeper. Then 2020 happened. He was a complete dud. Came back in 2021 at a discount and was fine. Moncada will be the guy that I over draft. Sentimental reasons mostly. But, I also think that he can bring back 2019 numbers. Those numbers include 10SB which at his position(I would probably play him in my extra IF slot) is very valuable. If this list was my own personal rankings I would have him a lot higher.

2021 Stats: AVG .263/ HR 14/ RBIs 61/ OPS .787

2022 Prediction: AVG . 275/ HR 20/ RBIs 80/ OPS .800

#76- CJ Cron

Cron is a player that benefited from some new scenery after a rough COVID year in Detroit. Playing in Colorado will help his overall HR numbers and really all around he played great last year. Being just a 1B player who does not steal bases will hurt overall where he falls in your draft. For me, I there are plenty of 1B who I would rather have that maybe give me more consistency. I could be wrong. But, last year was a career year with highest in AVG/RBIs/OBP/OPS. Being 32 I hope he can put up a similar type year but I see the AVG dropping down to where his career has been so far. That being said when I go back at end of season and review my rankings I think Cron has the chance to be one of my bigger mistakes.

2021 Stats: AVG .281/HR 28/ RBIs 92/ OPS .905

2022 Prediction: AVG .260/ HR 25/ RBIs 85/ OPS .860

#75- Jake Cronenworth (IF) San Diego Padres

Cronenworth had a kind of breakout sophomore season that led him to be invited to an All Star Game. Yeah, I know he was second in ROY voting in 2020. But, I don't count that and really his stars aren't spectacular. I think one thing to point out is that he is 28 years old this season. So, again not a keeper player. He's a guy who gets gains value by being a multi position player. Mid teens pick up for me.

2021 Stats: AVG .266/ HR 21/ RBIs 71/ OPS .800

2022 Prediction: AVG .260/ HR 18/ RBIs 65/ OPS .790

#74- Rhys Hoskins (1B) Philadelphia Phillies

Hoskins is the first of two Phillies we will see on this list. Hoskins came into this league in his first three seasons with somewhat of a bang making himself a keeper in some owners eyes. Past two seasons that has tailed off a little after some not great seasons in terms of games played. So, staying healthy will be a big part of this prediction but I see Hoskins easily going back over 30 HR/80 RBIs especially on a Phillies team that feels like they could be a contender. Some hesitation needs to be had as you go and do your research most websites are viewing him as a "sleeper" in the sense that you can get him at a discount. So, depending on league size you need to decide where you go and take Hoskins. In our league, my hitting is pretty well laid out already thanks to my keepers. So, I wouldn't take Hoskins until probably round 11/12(we keep 5 so first 5 rounds are just my keeper players). MAYBE if I felt that I locked up two good pitchers and a reliever would I feel okay with him in say the 10th round but I just wouldn't need him this year. Still love him and he would be a guy I am looking at in any league.

2021 Stats: AVG .247/ HR 27/ RBIs 71/ OPS .864

2022 Prediction: AVG .245/ HR 36/ RBIs 86/ OPS .899

#73- Trent Grisham

Reading other websites takes on Grisham you would think he completely fell off. Clearly, he hit less home runs and had a dip with AVG and OPS. However, that is a fair trade off for 13 SB. We live in a fantasy world where stolen bases are hard to come by. So, someone who gives me 15 HR and 13 SB can for sure take a 4th OF spot on my team. If he's hitting below .235 then we get into some issues. I think he will be closer to .250 with 15 SB which is okay with me.

2021 Stats: AVG .242/ HR 15/ RBIs 62/ OPS .740

2022 Prediction: AVG. 247/ HR 17/ RBIs 60/ OPS .760

#72- J.T Realmuto

Realmuto is not the player that teams were salivating for when he hit free agency. Fantasy wise he will be a starter either at 1B or C, depending on your league size. He is not going to get you AVG nor is he going to get you an OPS over .800. However, the value of the catcher position is of course different when it comes to fantasy. Personally, if I don't get say Salvador Perez I would end up just streaming catchers. Lots of leagues tend to overpack Realmuto and he just doesn't really do it for me.

2021 Stats: AVG .263/ HR 17/ RBIs 73/ OPS .782

2022 Prediction: AVG .250/ HRs 16/ RBIs 75/ OPS .770

#71- Max Muncy

Muncy has been rehabbing well from his ligament tear that kept him out of the playoffs last season. I'm not sure if that really sure what to think of his injury and if it will be lingering. Doctors ruled out Tommy John but anytime you see that in consideration it is cause for worry. Corey Seager going to Texas does give Muncy a larger role with this team and when looking at how he started last year there is definitely hope that he can be a starter on your roster. Depending on your league Muncy will most likely be eligible at multiple positions which just ups his value. With Freeman also being linked to LA we could see Muncy rotating around the infield more and more. If its a keeper league I do not keep Muncy but he has a spot on my team if I feel like it is the right place to take him(probably in the 9th/10th round)

2021 Stats: AVG .249/ HR 36/ RBIs 94/ OPS .895

2022 Prediction: AVG .240/ HR 30/ RBIs 85/ OPS .820

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