Top 100 Hitter Rankings #50-41

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#50 Javier Baez(SS) Detroit Tigers

I didn't hate Baez's contract agreement. I think it was fair and also helped set the market for what the Red Sox eventually did with Story. Correa is a different level player and younger so his contract was going to be bigger no matter what. Baez's numbers will mostly stay around his averages with the exception of a dip in runs and RBIs due to his new location.

2021 Stats: AVG .265/ HR 31/ RBIs 87/ OPS .813

2022 Prediction: AVG .254/ HR 23/ RBIs 70/ OPS .770

#49 Nolan Arenado(3B) St. Louis Cardinals

Good year on a good team last season. I think it will be more of the same. He has seen a dip in average since COVID started. Could be playing away from Coors Field who knows. A lot of analysts have him below 100 RBIs this season. I don't besides his rookie year(133 games) he has never had a season with less than 100 RBIS with the exception of 2014(111 games) and 2020(48 games). I think his days of hitting .300 are gone however.

2021 Stats: AVG .255/ HR 34/ RBIs 105/ OPS .807

2022 Prediction: AVG. 260/ HR 32/ RBIs 100/ OPS .820

#48 Adalberto Mondesi(IF) Kansas City Royals

I don't want to call him a bust just yet. However, he is probably the riskiest pick you can take in your draft. His ability to steal bases can single handily win you the SB category in your league. BUT he has played over 100 games once in his entire career... and it was only 102 games. His talent is undeniable. For me its not worth the risk. If he doesn't get injured and plays the whole season he can be a top ten player.

2021 Stats: AVG .230/ HR 5/ RBIs 17/ OPS .723/ SB 15

2022 Prediction: AVG .260/ HR 8/ RBIs 45/ OPS .720/ SB 30

#47 Carlos Correra(SS) Minnesota Twins

Carlos Correa is claiming that he wants to build a "championship culture" with the Twins. Yet, he signed a contract that gives him opt outs every season. I don't even want this guy on my fantasy team he is so full of S***. He brings nothing in terms of speed, never gone over 100 RBIs, hasn't batted over .300 since 2017(the only time he has done that), etc. This is fantasy baseball I am not taking into account his glove and frankly he has gone to a worst team so I do not see how he even comes close to the numbers he put up in Houston. I won't be taking him and I believe that he should be more in the high 50s or even 60s. The value just isn't there for me.

2021 Stats: AVG .279/ HR 26/ RBIs 92/ OPS .850

2022 Prediction: AVG .265/ HR 22/ RBIs 70/ OPS .820

#46 Pete Alonso(1B) New York Mets

Another player whose contract was not finalized before the season is set to begin. Alonso has not come to a long term deal with the Mets. It is clear that the Mets are willing to spend money and I am sure a deal will get done. Alonso led the Mets in all the major hitting categories last season. Which with a .262 average is concerning. Regardless, the Mets look good and he is still only 27. His average won't drag down your team and the power will greatly help you. The issue for you as a manager is to decide whether you prefer to wait for one of the many 1B who hit for power later in the draft. Alonso is a name so he will go earlier than you may be comfortable with.

2021 Stats: AVG .262/ HR 37/ RBIs 94/ OPS .863

2022 Prediction: AVG .257/ HR 35/ RBIs 98/ OPS .855

#45 Corey Seager(SS) Texas Rangers

Do I think Seager is a $325 million dollar man? No. His defense is fine(never won a Gold Glove), his power is average and he has never gone over 90 RBIs. He will possibly lead your team in AVG and give you a nice healthy OPS but that's it. Frankly, he went onto a worst team so his numbers will take a dip. Websites are ranking him in the 40s(remember I take the average of the websites and try to adjust slightly to give you a idea of what the "experts" are saying.) which I just don't get. His stats will be fine but he's also not a guy I would pick on my team. Between injuries in his career and the lack of giving me numbers in enough categories I would go a different direction.

2021 Stats: AVG .306/ HR 16/ RBIs 57/ OPS .915

2022 Prediction: AVG .290/ HR 20/ RBI 65/ OPS .840

#44 Jose Abreu(1B) Chicago White Sox

Holy crap Jose Abreu got old. It's easy to forget that he came into the league at the ripe age of 27 winning the ROY of placing 4th in MVP voting. He will be 35 which take that as you will. He has only had less than 100 RBIs once outside the COVID(where he had an insane 60 in 60 games) year. Similar to Alonso, it is very much up to you on how you feel with taking a 1B early. I like the consistency of Abreu as he also has a career AVG of .290. Abreu is for me.

2021 Stats: AVG .261/ HR 30/ RBIs 117/ OPS .831

2022 Prediction: AVG .280/ HR 33/ RBIs 108/ OPS .870

#43 Alex Bregman(3B) Houston Astros

Another former keeper level player who will know have to fight on a spot for some teams. Houston is still a great team. So, losing Correa won't completely knock Bergman's value down. He is great and according to MLB Metrics the only players with a higher WAR then him int he past four years are Mike Trout, Mookie Betts, and Marcus Semien. But this is fantasy baseball baby. Bregman had to fight a lot of injuries last year which brought down his production. All signs right now point to him being healthy this year. He would have a spot on my team(not my current team because I have Devers as a keeper :) )

2021 Stats: AVG .270/ HR 12/ RBIs 55/ OPS .777

2022 Prediction: AVG AVG .275/ HR 20/ RBIs 70/ OPS .860

#42 Tyler O'Neill(OF) St. Louis Cardinals

Obviously, it is very normal to feel skeptical about a repeat season for O'Neill. His stat line last year hit all the categories. Cardinals team is still very solid but what will make O'Neill stand out amongst the deep OF potential is his ability to steal bases. O'Neill needs to go over 10 SB again this season to justify this position. I think he will, there is no reason that he won't keep that up as I do not see him hitting 34 home runs again.

2021 Stats: AVG .286/ HR 34/ RBIs 80/ OPS .912/ SB 15

2022 Prediction: AVG .280/ HR 27/ RBIs 73/ OPS .840/ SB 13

#41 Giancarlo Stanton(OF) New York Yankees

Had Giancarlo on my team last year and it was frustrating at times. His overall stat-line is very appealing and of course his ceiling is that of an MVP player. However, there were times last year that he was sitting on my bench because I did could not afford to have weeks of zero output from him. He finished off the year strong and he is someone I would take on my team again. Yankees are still a good team.

2021 Stats: AVG .273/ HR 35/ RBIs 97/ OPS .870

2022 Prediction: AVG .270/ HR 31/ RBIs 84/ OPS .830

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