Top 100 Hitter Rankings #40-31

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#40 Byron Buxton(OF) Minnesota Twins

Byron Buxton sucks. Next year when I do these rankings I will be throwing out the idea of taking an average of what other sites say. These experts are mental to think Buxton should be this high. Here is Buxton's best season. AVG .253/ HR 16/ RBI 51/ OPS.728/ SB 29. That was over 140 games the most he has played in his career by far. He has never played over 100 games at any other point in his career. Yes, his upside was insane especially with the speed that he has but similar to say Mondesi that is useless when you aren't on the field. I am sure some analytic nerd will throw some numbers at me to try and convince me that Buxton is good. He's not. I wouldn't touch him in my league and neither should you.

2021 Stats: AVG .306/ HR 19/ RBIs 32/ OPS 1.005

2022 Prediction: Will get hurt

#39 JD Martinez(OF) Boston Red Sox

I got an argument with some nerd online who was saying how JD only played bad during the COVID year because of not being able to go study his at bats during the game. I am in a different camp where I believe that him not having a full offseason was the reason. We are now in another season where that unfortunately may be the case. His spring training, which typically I do not take much into account has been bad. I want him to be great because I love the Red Sox. Fantasy wise however, I would stay away. My prediction here is going to be ugly and it is one of my hottest takes so far.

2021 Stats: AVG .286/ HR 28/ RBIs 99/ OPS .867

2022 Prediction: AVG .262/ HR 19/ RBIs 73/ OPS .790

#38 Wander Franco(SS) Tampa Bay Rays

Where you take Franco is going to depend largely on what type of league you are in. In the dynasty league I am currently drafting in Franco went in the first round. In the keeper league where you can hold up to five players he is being kept. In the league where there is no keepers he went in the 8th round. Probably a little later than most drafts but I think it shows that most managers want to see at least one full season from him before they really invest early in him. His stats las year where fine and they benefited greatly from his strong finish. I believe however that Franco is still a year or two away and I would avoid him in a regular ROTO league. Dynasty or keeper leagues you of course go get this guy.

2021 Stats: AVG .288/ HR 7/ RBIs 39/ OPS .810

2022 Prediction: AVG .275/ HR 12/ RBIs 50/ OPS .800

#37 Eloy Jimenez(OF) Chicago White Sox

Ugh another guy who has got killed last season because of injuries. I just want to lay out his 2019 season for everyone. AVG .267/ HR 31/ RBIs 79/ OPS .828... That got 4th place in Rookie of the Year that season. He's 25 years old. The White Sox are better and he is healthy. He is playing great in spring training which also is a good sign in terms of him being healthy. I am currently waiting for my next pick in my dynasty league. My two options are Eloy or Yordan Alvarez. I am content with either. UPDATE: Alvarez got picked I went with Eloy

2021 Stats: AVG .249/ HR 10/ RBIs 37/ OPS .740

2022 Prediction: AVG .262/ HR 28/ RBIs 84/ OPS .830

#36 George Springer(OF) Toronto Blue Jays

Tough year last season with injuries. A lot of websites have his stats low due to this. However, he is on arguably the best lineup in baseball. I don't think there needs to be much analysis with this one. If he is healthy he will be Top 20.

2021 Stats: AVG .264/ HR 22/ RBIs 50/ OPS .907

2022 Prediction: AVG. 275/ HR 32/ RBIs 90/ OPS .920

#35 Jose Altuve(2B) Houston Astros

Not a guy who is going to hit .340 again. Has thankfully adjusted and is able to hit for power now at a tough position. Probably get better value drafting say India, Marte. or Lowe. People sat on Altuve in my last draft so more of a wait and see in terms of what league you are in. I won't be going after him in my leagues. He will be fine regardless.

2021 Stats: AVG .278/ HR 31/ RBIs 83/ OPS .839

2022 Prediction: AVG .265/ HR 27/ RBIs 75/ OPS .790

#34 Nick Castellanos(OF) Philadelphia Phillies

Apparently, Bryce Harper was the one that played the largest role in bringing Castellanos to Philly. The lineup has the potential to be stacked. I talked a few weeks about how I love Hoskins this season and he will play a key role smack in the middle of the order. I think the argument could be made that with the addition of Castellanos this lineup 1-9 can matchup with any team in the league. It seems like a lot of projections have him hitting second right in front of Harper. While that might hurt his chances at 100 RBIs it certainly does not hurt his overall value.

2021 Stats: AVG .309/ HR 30/ RBIs 100/ OPS .939

2022 Prediction: AVG .295/ HR 23/ RBIs 83/ OPS .870

#33 Randy Arozerna(OF) Tampa Bay Rays

20/20 season and ROY are the highlights for Arozerna. So, weird to think that he was considered a rookie, especially like I feel we have been hearing his name for a while. His speed is what has him ranked in this position. He was caught stealing 10 times last year, which is concerning as I don't see the Rays going again and letting him run wild. With 15 SB I would still be comfortable. Anything less than that I don't see value for him here.

2021 Stats: AVG .274/ HR 20/ RBIs 69/ OPS .815/ SB 20

2022 Prediction: AVG .270/ HR 17/ RBIs 73/ OPS .800/ SB 15

#32 Austin Riley(3B/OF) Atlanta Braves

Don't love this spot at all for Riley. He had one good season, albeit a year that helped the Braves win the World Series. Playing 160 games with multiple position eligibility is the biggest + that Riley brings honestly. I do not see him matching his output last season. Braves at least got Olson to replace the production lost by Freeman which will benefit Riley.

2021 Stats: AVG .303/ HR 33/ RBIs 107/ OPS .898

2022 Prediction: AVG .286/ HR 22/ RBIs 89/ OPS .820

#31 Paul Goldschmidt(1B) St. Louis Cardinals

Goldschmidt put up a season that had him in the running for MVP at points in the season. Eventually finishing 6th in the NL Vote. Similar to my last rankings where I spoke about Abreu compared to Alonso and the average that Abreu brought, the same would apply here. Paul is 34 years old and has not shown major signs of slowing down. He also plays for a team that will be in contention. Personally I still go for Abreu. I think I can get him a little later than Goldschmidt. On a totally different note I did not realize that Goldschmidt was stealing over 20 bases a season back in the day.

2021 Stats: AVG .294/ HR 31/ RBIs 99/ OPS .879

2022 Prediction: AVG. 290/ HR 28/ RBIs 92/ OPS .850

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