The Skippers View VS Red Sox Stats

This is not what I expected to write today. But, it has become evident that @redsoxstats which many consider to be the go to account for all Red Sox numbers, is not a true fan. Over the past two weeks the Red Sox fan base has become divided on whether or not to sign Trevor Story. Below you will see the conversation that ensued. Actually you won't because he deletes his tweets that showed him being anti Xander. This needs to be addressed by the broader Red Sox Nation. Besides the fact that it is a weenie move to block people, to do so because we here defended Xander Bogaerts is disgusting. Red Sox Stats has showed his true colors. He will fight back against those who have a loyalty to this team, block them, and then delete his tweets so that whoever in the Red Sox front office that he talks to doesn't get upset when they see he is not for Xander. Very hurt.

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