Red Sox Thoughts: Toronto Series

Ouchies: Only scoring five runs in a series against arguably the scariest lineup in baseball and still coming out with a win is a gift. The Red Sox confirmed what we feared, and that is them not being able to hit the ball. Sox are in the lower half of runs scored this season and have a handful of players that have underperformed in significant spots(JBJ today and this whole year). Trevor Story, who is a beast for taking a ball to the head and not leaving the game, has started to add to my initial fears when he was signed. His line right now is .235/.297/.294 with no home runs, four RBIs, two walks, and 13 strikeouts. In no way am I saying Story won't be able to be great but starting off cold will not help his case in the eyes of skeptical fans like myself, Schwarber and Renfroe are not playing great either so I can't use that.

Non ouchies: Whitlock, the bullpen and Houck. I stand by my previous blog where I lay out what I think the Red Sox need to do with Whitlock and the team as a whole. Lot of twitter bots have gone after me for thinking that Whitlock should be the closer. I had not felt so sure of a win as I did when he came into the game on Tuesday to close it out. The argument that he is more valuable as a long reliever is fair being that he is untouchable right now. But, it has been years(sorry Barnes) that the Red Sox have had that type of energy in the closer role. I stand by that and hope that Cora and Bloom also feel that way. It is also important for them to let Houck pitch into the 6th more consistently. Selfish on my part because I want the QS on my fantasy team, but also to save the bullpen.

Final Thoughts: Sadly the biggest story that came out of this series was Don Orsillo being left out of the tribute for Jerry Remy. All the attention should be on Jerry and his family nothing else. Go Sox.

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