Red Sox Thoughts: Tampa Bay Series

I hate pitchers this year. I don't know if it is the short off-season or some analytic nerd in the dungeons of Fenway saying starters are banned from seeing the batting order a third time. They let Wacha go five which was a surprise. Whitlock and Hill both went four. I am obviously a huge believe in Whitlock being the closer. I have yelled it from the rooftops. Spam tweeted every major Red Sox personality. Pretty sure Steve Perrault or whatever his last name is referenced me in his podcast as an idiot for thinking Whitlock should be a closer. Fine, you want him to start send him out their for the 5th. Stop cradling these guys like babies and lets see what they can do. With Hill he threw what 62 pitches? Keep him out there for the 5th. We are using the bullpen too much. And why wasn't Houck used right away in the 5th? If he can't play in Toronto because of crazy mandates then let him rip it today. Makes no sense.

Ouchies: Hitting is still not there for this team. Devers in a little bit of a mini slump but is hitting the ball hard. But after scoring five in the last series, coming out and only scoring eight runs in Tampa doesn't bode well especially going into a four game series again Toronto again.

Second ouchie is the pitching. Management needs to figure out what they want the role to be for all these guys. Still early and with Sale and Paxton eventually coming back I understand that there will be options. But, consistency is key and it will help these guys to know what their role is.

Last ouchie is NESN camera crew. Get it together people, we missed half the plays.

Not Ouchies: Whitlock pitched great again so of course that is a not ouchie. Not where I want him but whatever.

Second not ouchie, defense looked solid. Take away the error by Story on Saturday night and they played great and made some sick plays. Story still can't hit(maybe shaken up by that beam the other day?) but he can play some sick d.

Last not ouchie, Middlebrooks after the game and Youk in the booth. Both killing it.

Final Thoughts: Team will make the playoff but needs to make a trade and figure out what they want to do with the bullpen. There are some great arms in there but they need to know what their roles are.

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