Red Sox 'Collapse"

The contemporary media wants to make it seem like the Red Sox season has ended and is in disarray. When looking at the standings below the immediate reaction is "how the fuck did they give up a 10 game lead over the Yankees".

While that is fair. It does not paint the entire picture of the rest of the season. First, Sox are .5 GB for the second Wild Card Spot. Second, even with this awful month they still carry the 9th best record in baseball(with only one start from their obvious ace). Lastly, of there last 39 games a whopping 24 are against teams with a losing record. That includes the next NINE against the Rangers, Twins, and Cleveland Indians. The other games include series' against Yankees, Rays(twice), and Carrabis's summer crush the Seattle Mariners. On the radio today Michael Kay wouldn't shut his mouth about the Yankees turn around. While it is impressive. This idea that the Red Sox are somehow out of this is asinine. Furthermore, the "members" of Red Sox Nation who have decided to panic need to go find another home.


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