I Should Run The Boston Red Sox

Updated: May 9

The Red Sox season has been a disaster so far. Want to know what is worst? The Boston Red Sox Twitter community. If I didn't have a career and a life I would just dedicate myself to Tweeting about the Red Sox. Each time I have written a blog about the Red Sox season I have been attacked. I will link them all below but starting all the way back with my Trevor Story blog and how the Red Sox should not sign him. To be clear, I am not rooting for Trevor Story to fail. I never want my team to lose. However, here is his stat line. AVG .202/ HR 0/ RBIs 10/ OPS .569/ with 32 strikeouts. Today was the day that all the major Red Sox writers started to go after Story for playing awful. Funny part is when you go back in their tweets you see them going after Bloom saying if they don't sign Story than he should resign.... Funny how things change. Now we have a guy who can barely see the ball getting in the way of the team giving money to their two cornerstone players. And don't get me started about how I said that the Red Sox need to trade and or let Eovaldi, JD, and Kike walk this fall.

The next big take I have had since the beginning of the season is to have Garrett Whitlock as the closer. This team has nine blown saves. NINE. Guess what? If they just gave their relievers actual roles and made Whitlock the closer theres a good chance, and I'll be conservative, that five of those end up in wins. That changes the entire trajectory of the season. Yet, up until a few days ago when Will Middlebrooks began beating the drum for Whitlock, I would be attacked when I said that Whitlock should be closer. Humback of Notre Dame impersonator(Steve Perault) went on his podcast and also called out all people who believe that Whitlock should close. I stand by my initial blog where I laid out the best plan for the Red Sox to contend this season. It starts with making Whitlock the closer and trading Downs with a collection of prospects for a new starter. Paxton was never an answer and Sale is too frail.

Sadly, we now live in a world where the Red Sox chances of contending become dimmer and dimmer everyday. One can only hope that in the next week they decide to iron out actual roles for their bullpen, move Story in the lineup, begin fielding calls for Downs, call up Casas, and try and make something happen before the summer where it is almost a guarentee that if the team is not in contention, they will trade Bogaerts. Just a friendly reminder that @redsoxstats hates Bogaerts.

Finally, if anyone wants to come on as a writer for any other team than the Boston Red Sox shoot us an email at theskippersview@gmail.com. You'll essentially have freedom to do whatever you want.






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