"Garrett Whitlock Should Have Never Been A Starter." Is What We Said A Month Ago

It is no surprise that the internet is overreacting to Whitlock having an awful start today for the Red Sox against Atlanta. He looks stretched out and started to lose control of his pitches. Three innings? This team is nine games below .500. Yeah, if he is the closer this team is close to .500 if not above. For those critics saying he has brought more value as a starter... he has pitched one game of at least five innings anddd the team still lost. When he pitched four against Toronto? Another lost due to the bullpen. His value is as a closer who has the potential to pitch part of the 8th if needed. Needs to happen NOW if this season stands a chance.

Similar to the Trevor Story situation I have a feeling that Red Sox managament has been listening to the Twitter world. I will no longer be naming the podcast that has been pushing Whitlock as a starter for weeks now. However, them and all the other writers who have been propping Whitlock up out of desperation to try and fix the rotation have clearly influenced someone at Fenway. Never made sense as a baseball move. So, in one month Red Sox Nation(the Twitter side) have backed two awful moves which arguably are the two biggest reasons this team is so in the hole. Go Sox.

Click below to read our blog laying out what the Red Sox need to do to be a winning team... from a month ago. Obviously, includes Whitlock as the closer.


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