Final Thoughts On Trevor Story Signing

After spending most of my Sunday ranting about Trevor Story it is time for me to lay out my final thoughts on the move. Overall, I do not like the signing. Here are the positives I see coming out of it.

  • The deal is relatively team friendly. He did not command something like $30m AAV which would have made me go crazy.

  • His defense is an improvement over Xanders.

  • It made both the players and fans feel like Bloom believes in this team.

Fine. But here are the points that really bother me about this signing.

  • He had his second worst season of career last season. His worst being his sophomore year(ahem).

  • Both Renfroe and Schwarber had better seasons than him last year. Now I am not saying that we should have gone and re-signed Schwarber. His 4 years $79m deal isn't something that I exactly would have been happy with. But, this idea that the Red Sox got "better" because of this Story trade doesn't necessarily show in the numbers.

  • His elbow worries me. Being at 2B might quell those worries a little but regardless.

  • He is viewed as a plan B to Xander. There shouldn't be a plan B to Xander. Get Xander period.

  • Will make signing Devers and Xander more difficult.

The vast majority of the Red Sox Twitter world acted like the World Series is a lock with Trevor Story. The team made the ALCS last year and while yes, the bullpen was improved, the hitting was not. I guess it is a tough pill to swallow for some. There is a chance that both Chris Sale and Xander Bogaerts could opt out next off-season, Eovaldi and Martinez also hit the market. Looking at next years Free Agent market I am not doing back flips at the potential replacements. At the end of the day I hope Story has an amazing season. But, if he gets in the way of retaining one of the better players this team has had in decades then it will be an unforgivable signing.

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