Draft Reaction - Top 3 Stories From 1st Round

If you didn’t have time to watch the 1st round of the MLB draft last night don’t worry….we got you covered.

1) MLB prodigies go 1-2

Let’s start with the first two picks in the draft - 1st overall pick Jackson Holliday (SS), son of former player and 7x All-Star Matt Holliday. Directly following the Orioles selection the Diamondbacks selected 2nd overall pick Druw Jones (OF), son of former player and 5x All-Star Andrew Jones. This was only the second time a former player had their son drafted #1 overall (Ken Griffey - Ken Griffey Jr.). I love both of these picks for the Orioles and Diamondbacks as both of these players show promise and come up with a baseball background. It never hurts to learn the ropes of how to be a professional ball player directly from your dad. Good luck boys, we will be rooting for you.

2) Mets draft Alvarez’s insurance plan?

With the 11th overall pick the Mets decided to draft Kevin Parada (C) out of Georgia Tech. The Met’s right now have the 2nd overall prospect in baseball according to mlb.com in Francisco Alvarez who is also a 20 year old catcher. Does this sound off alarms that the Mets just took a player of the same age and position as their prized prospect? Not necessarily but it is intriguing they wouldn’t draft a position from a different area of the field. I will keep my eye on Parada as Georgia Tech has a way with the catcher position and getting their guys into the league


This was my favorite thing that came out of the draft from last night. Not only did Rocker get drafted higher than he did last year, it came only after 5 starts in the Frontier Independent League. For those asking last year?.... Rocker was drafted 10th overall by the Mets last year. After review of his medicals the Mets decided not to sign Rocker making him eligible to be drafted again this year. Clearly the Rangers loved what they saw and decided to get the two former Vandy teammates back together again. I love what the Rangers are doing by drafting a team that will be run on power pitching.

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