Dear Chaim Bloom, Extend Rafael Devers Tomorrow. Also Cancel Red Sox Stats

It was late Sunday evening and I was ready to go to sleep. After Brett babbled on for 40 minutes about how Jarred Kelenic and Julio Rodriquez are worth keeping in our five keeper league for the 20th time I was ready to read some Theodore Roosevelt and go to sleep. Then I saw a retweet someone put up from Red Sox Stats. Stats of course blocked me after I asked why he didn't like Xander Bogaerts, look back a few blogs for that, so I went to Google to find my answer. Below you will find what I found. I understand everyone is entitled to their opinion. But this guy not only started blocking be for asking why he didn't prefer Xander over Trevor Story, now this. I am disgusted. This man(or woman) has over 50k followers on Twitter. He converses with Jared Carrabis, Will Middlebrooks, Steve Perault, etc. He should be making the push for Bloom to extend Devers like everyone else is. It is pretty clear in my opinion that one of the reasons Trevor Story was signed in the first place was the push from fans online. Yes, the players were also pushing Bloom, but Red Sox Twitter would have thrown a hissy fit if they did not get Story. If people believe that letting Betts get traded( I'm a Verdugo fan fight me) was one of the biggest mistakes in Red Sox history then letting Devers go would be just as bad. Betts wanted over $300 million and they knew that would stop them from signing Devers and Xander down the road. This is the moment then we have been waiting for. And for one of the bigger personalities on Twitter to not be pushing and advocating for this makes me sick.

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