Another Day, Another Useless Meeting

By: Dean Ciriaco

The MLB and the MLBPA met again today at 1pm to discuss the current lockout. The meeting lasted 15 minutes. FIFTEEN MINUTES. What is even the point of coming to the table and getting the baseball community excited if you know going in that you are $100 million dollars apart. Anyone who would try and claim that they didn't realize how far apart they were is lying. Not long ago Manfred stated that there would need to be a four week spring training prior to the start of the regular season. With the regular season slated to start on March 31st we are looking at March 1st-3rd at the latest. If regular season games are missed the fantasy outlook for many players change. JD Martinez is the perfect example of a player who needs the routine of Spring Training and normal winter workouts. JD is a well known maniac when it comes to his method of studying pitchers and practicing his swing. With COVID and no real workouts and a shortened "pre-season", JD went on to have his worst season of all time and it wasn't even close. Yes, he wasn't the only player. Go around the league and you will see the COVID slump. If we miss regular season games and have an abbreviated spring training just watch out for more of what we saw two years ago.

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