A Weekend From Hell

You might read the title and think... "yes, tensions in Europe are awful right now.".. No that is not what this is about. This is about Major League Baseball saying this is the final weekend for them and the players to come to an agreement. Anything past Monday will result in a loss of regular season games. Not only will that throw off the rankings I have been sweating over, it will also take away a distraction that this country will very obviously need in the near future. Yesterday Jeff Passan was on The Pat McAfee show where he gave a great overview of what is going on. I am going to link it below. Jeff himself does not have high hopes for the deal being done my Monday. We at The Skippers View believe that a deal will be done. The loss of fans that will result from this debacle is too risky for the players and owners. Jeff believes that neither parties realize that but I have to disagree. All these players have been very active on Twitter tweeting out after every meeting what they are feeling. I find it very hard to believe that they haven't taken a look at the comments below seeing many MLB fans telling them to just make a deal. Maybe the owners are obliviious but the players are certainly not. Grammarly gave me a score of 71 on this blog. I will not be editing or correcting my grammar. Deal with it.

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